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Another Kind of License for Dogs!

By: BeauBeau

It’s the time of year to believe in magic, miracles and —- car-driving dogs???? Believe it!

SPCA Auckland (New Zealand) has come up with an incredible way to showcase the wonderful, eager and smart adoptable dogs waiting for their forever homes in shelters and rescues everywhere.

Two of the three dogs trained to drive a MINI Cooper have actually passed their driving tests! Gee, do they make driver’s licenses small enough to fit onto a dog tag?

“Driving a car actively demonstrates to potential rescue dog adopters that you can teach an old dog new tricks,” says Christine Kalin, SPCA Auckland CEO. “The dogs have achieved amazing things in eight short weeks of training, which really shows with the right environment just how much potential all dogs from the SPCA have as family pets.” (Hear, hear!)

What do I like best about this video? The secure seat harness the dogs are wearing, and all that encouragement and praise from the handler! I LOVE that kinda talk!

Take Bark Busters’ Dog Owner’s Pledge

By: BeauBeau

I’m a lucky rescue dog! While I know my former family loved me,  they just didn’t understand how to manage some of my behavioral quirks. That’s why it turned out to be best for everyone that I be adopted by a family like the Crowes. The Crowes knew they would have to provide plenty of patience to help me shine — and boy, their efforts have sure paid off! That’s how the concept of the Bark Busters’ Dog Owner’s Pledge was born.

CLICK HERE to download and print a copy of Bark Busters’ Dog Owner’s Pledge for you and your family to sign.

Back-to-School Blues

By: BeauBeau

As the smell of notebooks fills the air and new backpacks start appearing in the hallway, my tail begins to droop. School starting means one thing for a dog like me—more time left alone in the house! Luckily my owners understand that this change in routine is difficult for dogs and do the following to shake me out of the back-to-school blues:

  • Make the change gradual. A week or two before school starts, my owners stop taking me on errands and make sure I have more time to myself so the adjustment is gradual and I start to remember that it’s OK to spend time alone—and that everyone will come back to me!
  • Provide new toys. Along with other back-to-school shopping, my owners pick up a new puzzle toy (like those made by KONG) that holds treats or kibble, which keeps me busy during the day while they are gone.
  • Ask the kids to be calm when arriving home. Sometimes, I get so wound up during the day that when the kids come home from school, I can be a little too rough without meaning to be! Luckily, my owners have the kids come in quietly and give me some time to relax before greeting me.

By preparing me for the change in routine ahead of time, I am much more relaxed when everyone does go back to school—and even begin to enjoy my time to myself! For a full sheet of tips to help your dog with the back-to-school transition, CLICK HERE.

Puppy Bowl 2012 Preview

By: BeauBeau

As all you sports-lovers out there (and just about everyone else) know, we’re less than a week away from the BIGGEST game of the year! Normally, I don’t understand the human fascination with watching athletes run into each other on TV and fight over a weird-shaped ball (especially when said human has a top receiver—or, at least, retriever—ready to run routes in the backyard all day long). But on February 5, even I will be skipping my normal Sunday afternoon nap to snag a spot in front of the flat screen. Maybe it’s the thrill of seeing the young, unseasoned athletes rise to the pressure of the national spotlight; maybe it’s their stamina, panting and drooling their way through the pain. Or maybe it’s the pomp and circumstance surrounding the world’s most impressive display of athleticism—the tailgate parties, celebrity fans, cheerleaders, the spectacular halftime show, the blimp.

Of the projected starters, here are our picks for the shelter puppies to watch this Sunday on Puppy Bowl VIII! (Wait…you didn’t think I was talking about the football game, did you?)

Fumble is a 9-week old Chihuahua/Terrier mix from LA. Personally, we think his name’s just meant to throw the other pups off the scent. Watch for sneaky moves from this California hustler.

Australian Shepherd mix Abilene‘s eyes convey an intensity well beyond her 10 weeks. We predict she’s in it to win it for her Empire State of New York.

Ten-week-old Hunter from Go Boxer Rescue tells Animal Planet he wants to go into politics—which tells us he’s an ambitious and calculating contender.

Friday may look like a happy-go-lucky kinda pup, but at 17 weeks, this Maltese/Poodle mix has an experience advantage over much of the field—not to mention a ‘do to make Gisele say, “Tom Brady who?”

Lucie, a Pit Bull/Collie from Pennsylvania, may look sleepy and docile in her mug shot, but check out the size of those paws! This 11-week-old powerhouse will be a force to be reckoned with in the arena.

A 10-and-a-half-week belle from Chattahoochee who leaves her Southern hospitality on the sideline—we just can’t wait to see Chihuahua/Terrier mix Eurika‘s touchdown dance.

Let us know what you think about our picks in the comments section and vote for YOUR favorite in the poll to the right! See the rest of the starting lineup from Animal Planet.

Kickoff is at 3 p.m. E/P on Sunday, Feb. 5; you won’t want to miss a minute of this year’s Puppy Bowl, including the new Piggy Pep Squad, the Kitty Halftime Show, the hampster-manned blimp and the ever-popular water-bowl cam.

Pet-Safe Ice Melt and Winter Dog Safety

By: BeauBeau

As temperatures drop and that wet white stuff starts falling, I’d like to remind you, on behalf of your canine family members, to PLEASE watch where we’re walking! Ice-melting chemicals commonly used on public streets can irritate and burn our paws. Avoid walking your dog in areas where these are used, and be sure to rinse off his feet whenever he is exposed to such chemicals.

For your own deck, porch, driveway or sidewalk, try one of many pet-safe ice melting products available, such as:

Safe Paw Pet-Safe Ice Melt

Safe Paw Ice Melter -

Petco Pet-Safe Ice Melt

Petco Ice Melter - or Petco retail stores

For more tips to keep your dog safe and healthy during the cold winter season, including what temperatures dogs can (and can’t!) handle, CLICK HERE!