Back-to-School Blues

By: BeauBeau

As the smell of notebooks fills the air and new backpacks start appearing in the hallway, my tail begins to droop. School starting means one thing for a dog like me—more time left alone in the house! Luckily my owners understand that this change in routine is difficult for dogs and do the following to shake me out of the back-to-school blues:

  • Make the change gradual. A week or two before school starts, my owners stop taking me on errands and make sure I have more time to myself so the adjustment is gradual and I start to remember that it’s OK to spend time alone—and that everyone will come back to me!
  • Provide new toys. Along with other back-to-school shopping, my owners pick up a new puzzle toy (like those made by KONG) that holds treats or kibble, which keeps me busy during the day while they are gone.
  • Ask the kids to be calm when arriving home. Sometimes, I get so wound up during the day that when the kids come home from school, I can be a little too rough without meaning to be! Luckily, my owners have the kids come in quietly and give me some time to relax before greeting me.

By preparing me for the change in routine ahead of time, I am much more relaxed when everyone does go back to school—and even begin to enjoy my time to myself! For a full sheet of tips to help your dog with the back-to-school transition, CLICK HERE.

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