Denver News Anchor Dog Bite Incident

Liam Crowe with DogBy: Liam Crowe

Many people across the United States are now aware of the recent unfortunate incident involving a Denver morning television anchor, Kyle Dyer, who was bitten in the face by an 85-pound Argentine Mastiff during a live broadcast, resulting in 70 stitches to her lips and nose.

CLICK HERE to listen to a podcast containing context, analysis, and listener Q&A from my interview on the Michael Brown Show, 850 KOA News Radio.

KUSA’s Kyle Dyer joins nearly FIVE MILLION Americans who are bitten by dogs each year. Of those injured, nearly 800,000 require treatment in a hospital, and dog-related injuries resulted in over 30 deaths in 2010 alone.

Our hearts go out to those who suffer dog bites, many of which are preventable. As experts in canine behavior, we at Bark Busters want to do everything we can to educate the public on dog safety and bite prevention measures, which is why our dog behavioral therapists across the nation offer FREE dog safety seminars to community-based organizations. CLICK HERE to find a trainer in your area and request a seminar.

We’ve also developed an extensive online program for kids, called the Bach & Buster Buddy Dog Safety Program(R). There, children can learn how to make the right choices around familiar and unfamiliar dogs and become certificate-carrying members of the Bach & Buster Buddy Club, in addition to completing coloring pages, a word search, a crossword puzzle, and more. All Bark Busters trainers are also available for free classroom presentations on dog safety.

 Some basic dog safety tips everyone should follow are:

  • Respect all dogs’ space. Don’t extend your hand out or force affection; just allow dogs to approach you to sniff you.
  • Human gestures like hugging can seem overbearing to dogs; the least-threatening type of pet we can give a dog is stroking him under his chin.
  •  If a dog is approaching you, don’t turn and run, as dogs naturally love to chase and catch things. Always stand still, with your hands at your sides; face the dog at all times, but avoid eye contact. In most cases, the dog will go away when he determines you are not a threat.

To download a printable handout with more dog bite prevention tips, CLICK HERE.

We wish Kyle Dyer a speedy recovery and hope that this unfortunate situation will raise awareness of the need for dog bite prevention education across the country. Contact your local Bark Busters trainer to set up a FREE dog safety seminar with your civic group, school, or church today!

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