Pet-Safe Ice Melt and Winter Dog Safety

By: BeauBeau

As temperatures drop and that wet white stuff starts falling, I’d like to remind you, on behalf of your canine family members, to PLEASE watch where we’re walking! Ice-melting chemicals commonly used on public streets can irritate and burn our paws. Avoid walking your dog in areas where these are used, and be sure to rinse off his feet whenever he is exposed to such chemicals.

For your own deck, porch, driveway or sidewalk, try one of many pet-safe ice melting products available, such as:

Safe Paw Pet-Safe Ice Melt

Safe Paw Ice Melter -

Petco Pet-Safe Ice Melt

Petco Ice Melter - or Petco retail stores

For more tips to keep your dog safe and healthy during the cold winter season, including what temperatures dogs can (and can’t!) handle, CLICK HERE!

One response to “Pet-Safe Ice Melt and Winter Dog Safety

  1. I like the Morton SafeTPet Ice Melt because its salt and chloride free. It works the best and I feel most confident with a product that’s made by a company who is an expert in salt. These other products claim they are paw friendly — beware, read the real ingredient.

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