How Having a Challenging Dog Improved My Life

Katya & OpheliaBy: Guest Expert Katya Friedman (left, with beagle Ophelia) of

I always thought of myself as at tolerant, kind person: someone who’s willing to work for and on the important things in life.  I considered myself a dedicated person, a problem solver, a hurtle jumper.  But all that came in to question when we first brought home Feebe. Over three years ago, while volunteering at the South Los Angeles Animal Shelter. I fell in love with a Shepherd mix who was being surrendered to the shelter because her owner “didn’t have time for her anymore.”  I’d seen so many Shepherds (and other animals) coming in to the shelter and they all broke my heart, but for some reason unclear to me still, this dog captured my attention like no other.  As she was being dumped at the shelter, she looked right into my eyes, I looked right into hers, and just like that she became my dog.  I knew I would not let anything happen to her, as she took hold of my love in an instant.  Looking back now, I know she chose me to be hers….

CLICK HERE to read the rest of Katya’s heartwarming and inspiring story about how adopting Feebe changed her life—and how, eventually, “it was a matter of us letting go of wanting Feebe to be the dog we wanted her to be and accepting her for the dog she is.”

Adopt A PetKatya Friedman is an active Los Angeles shelter volunteer and the Director of Partnerships and Promotions for

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